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Click for descriptionAdditional Data Transfer $5.00 per GB Monthly
Click for descriptionAdditional Storage Space $5.00 per 50MB Monthly
Click for descriptionAdditional MySQL Databases $4.00 per Database Monthly

To order any of these extra options you need only notify our support department, and we will then make arrangements for billing and setup of these extras.

Additional Data Transfer

Should your site go over your quota for data transfer you will be charged $5.00 for each gigabyte, or portion of, transferred beyond what your plan allows. We provide bandwidth monitoring through the control panel so that you will be aware of data transfer currently used. While we make an attempt to notify you in advance of pending bandwidth overages, bandwidth is checked only once per day so it is possible, due to usage spikes, that you would go over the set limit.

Additional Storage Space

If you need additional storage space but would rather not upgrade your hosting plan, you may purchase blocks of 50 megabytes for $5.00 per month.

Additional MySQL Databases

MySQL can be server intensive. If you wish to have more than your plan's allotted number of databases you may purchase additional databases for $4.00 per month per database. We choose to limit the number of databases per account rather than limit the number of queries to the MySQL databases themselves.